Case Studies


Case Studies

Performance Management Review:
Shopping Centres

Asked to review Centre Management performance on a portfolio of shopping centres to support my client in meeting their objectives.

The appraisal methodically addressed the risks attached to the operations of Centre Management.  The questionnaire provided a framework to gather information but the consultant also reviewed a sample of documentation, held discussions with the Centre Manager and other key stakeholders.

The information gathered was used to compare current arrangements against operational and contractual obligations, industry practices and procedures.

The output is a report complete with a copy of the assessment, executive summary, profile and action plan.  It is a simple but effective way to gain insight and quickly identifies areas to focus resources on to ensure sustainable value.  The information can also be used for benchmarking purposes.

The review supported my client’s governance arrangements and provided the organisation with information to use when setting KPIs.  Moreover, the information in the report supports senior management ongoing monitoring and control.



Service Charge Account Consultancy:
Shopping Centre

The service charge management had no indication of future budget requirements which increased the likelihood of unplanned expenditure – a situation that contributes to costly landlord and tenant disputes.

Our review involved analysing estate records to determine whether the account would continue to meet the client’s objectives over the medium term.

Determining future areas of expenditure and using our expertise we produced a series of forecasts which documented financial limits according to weighted priorities.

The plan gave our client the ability to oversee the management team with assurance that the service charge was going to continue to be managed in a professional manner.

Service Charge Dispute Resolution:
Commercial Property

A disputed service charge account had been passed by the former managing agent to their successor with no focus on resolving the outstanding dispute.
We assisted by taking the time to:

  • review the construction of the service charge account.
  • check the leases and estate records to reconcile those with the service charge account.
  • consult with and understand both the tenants and management concerns,
  • familiarise ourselves by inspecting the estate.
  • use our skills to identify the cause of the dispute and recommend the resolution.

Resolving the dispute reduced the costs involved in getting legal advice and contributed to restoring the tenant and landlord relationship, enabling the management team to focus on adding value.